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Subscribe now and enjoy new outfits every week. Pick from hundreds of styles from homegrown brands


Why subscription is the right choice


Browse and select from extensive collection of outfits handpicked our homegrown brands and designers partners.


Trends can change, sizes can too or simply just your mood. Don't commit to a style and experiment with your looks.


Discover new outfits and styles and you may just stumble across your next favourite look or a designer.


Rotating closets are not only full of choices, but they're also good for our environment. Own less, wear more.


How it works


Subscribe now and switch with us to a smart closet. That means new outfits arriving at your doorstep every week, and be it the pick up, delivery or dry cleaning, you don’t have to worry about it! That’s an easy choice right?

Choose & Borrow

Browse our selection of hundreds of styles from amazing homegrown designers and brands and choose what outfits would you like and click borrow and it will arrive at your doorstep. It's that simple.


Done with the outfits? Just click on the return button from your account and we will arrange the pick up. Once we receive the outfit, you will be able to choose the next set of outfits that you would like to borrow. No, it's not a dream!


Three ways to access the smart closet

Starter Pack Style Pack Pro Pack
Looking to  Try out our services Refresh your closet every week You are a fashionista
and you need your fashion fix
Total Number of Outfits you can rent 4 8 12
Pieces available to rent at a time 2 2 3
Maximum Usage per rental   A week 10 days 15 days
Validity 1 month 1 month 1 month

Rs. 2500/ month

Early Bird – 60% off

Rs. 1500/month

Rs. 5000/ month

Early bird – 60% off

Rs. 3000/month

Rs. 7000/month

Early bird – 60% off

Rs. 4200/month

Membership Start Date 6th March 2020 6th March 2020 6th March 2020
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Worried about hygiene? Do not worry! We use state of the art dry cleaning equipment to sanitize and maintain the outfits to keep them looking as good as new every time! We also use advanced coating technology on our outfits that help keep them free of stains and microbial.If you have any comments/queries regarding our hygiene process, please feel free to reach out to us by emailing us at


Frequently Asked Questions

Early bird offer will give you a 60% off discount for your monthly subscription fee. Please note, the early bird membership doesn’t kick in till 6th March 2020. Once the membership is live, we will notify you and you can go ahead and start borrowing the outfits. We encourage you to join on the waitlist for the items you would wish to borrow to help us build our inventory and influence our future purchases. You can enjoy your early bird discount for 3 months after which, if you choose to, you can cancel anytime.

It depends on the plan you’re picking.

Starter Pack: With this plan, you can rent out 4 pieces in total and can rent out 2 pcs at a time.

Style Pack: With this plan, you can rent out 8 pieces in total and can rent out 2 pcs at a time.

Pro Pack: With this plan, you can rent out 12 pcs in total and can rent out 3 pcs at a time.

Starter Pack: With this plan, you will be able to keep the outfits for one week. 

Style Pack: With this plan, you will be able to keep the outfits for 10 days.

Pro Pack: With this plan, you will be able to keep the outfits for 15 days. 

Once you have reached the maximum period, you will be notified and you can swap the outfits for your next set of clothes.

It means it would not be currently in stock with us. We strongly recommend that you add yourself on the waitlist to be in the queue to rent the outfit. If it is out for rental, we will notify you once the outfit is available to rent again. If we do not have it in stock, by placing yourself on the waitlist, we would understand your interest in the outfit and would add to our inventory. Do not worry though, you can still continue to rent other available outfits even after placing yourself on the waitlist.

Swap the outfits for new looks as per your Subscription Plans or once you’re done. Don’t worry! We do doorstep pick ups. Just click return on your subscription loans and we will schedule the pick up for the outfit.

To cancel your subscription, please follow the steps below:

Go to My Account> Billing Info> View Details> Cancel Option

Once you cancel your subscription, request will be sent to the admin. They will check if all the loan items are returned no payment is due. If everything is in order, your subscription will be canceled. If there are still pending charges (in case of damage or loss of items), you will be requested to make the payment for the same.

For more queries related to Pay per rentals, please click here