Iki Dress

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This dress has everything! And by everything we mean.. Pockets!


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The Iki dress is made by stitching different pieces of fabric together with red thread detailing that joins the pieces together. This mid-weight dress has a rounded neckline and long sleeves that slightly flare at the wristand. The pocket detailing that looks like a mini bodice makes this dress look offbeat from any other dresses. The sleeves have a slit and are double layered which adds a cozy look. Detailing is made from left out fabrics. Pair it up with boots or shoes to look chic at any time of the day.

Designed by Mishé

Mishé as a brand derives its inspiration from the classical hues of the rich pattern making techniques mastered by Japanese craftsmen and the contemporary forms drawn from abstract geometry. The brand focuses on zero and minimal wastage of fabrics by using special pattern making techniques with an interplay of handwoven fabrics. Quirk your look up with the Japanese inspired silhouettes which is a sure fire way of making a statement in a mix of traditional and contemporary.

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