Valliyan By Nitya

VALLIYAN is an unique accessory label was founded by Nitya Arora, a fashion major  from Parsons School of design, New York. Nitya was always inspired and influenced by art deco architecture as she grew up in South Mumbai. She works with semi-precious stones, glass, crystals, metals, acrylic, wood and rare materials, with gold plating for the jewellery and genuine leather for handbags.

Her designs bring out the charm and beauty of vintage era .

It’s accessories reflect a sculptural textured quality and are one of a kind. Valliyan’s cultural inspired jewellery aesthetic is influenced by Nitya’s travels around the globe. Valliyan’s main motive is to create magic with glass crystals, semi-precious stones, and rare materials that are combined in a gold plating to achieve what is inarguably outstanding designs. Besides esoteric jewellery, Valliyan also creates bespoke handbags and headgear for the bold and free spirited woman.