Nishka Lulla

Daughter of Neeta Lulla , Nishka is a fresh , passionate and charming designer , graduated from SNDT University , Mumbai. In 2009 , she launched her label ‘Nisshk’ which has a chic , vibrant and a quirky touch to it. Her design aesthetic is all about celebrating women who are confident in their own skin! She showcases this by using gorgeous colours, lush fabrics & modern feminine cuts.

Label Nishka Lulla gravitates towards a more raw and easy quality that draws its inspiration from everyday living and travel .

The collection clearly strives on separates hence allowing the wearer maximum choice and utility. It also affords the sense of adventure by allowing one to style oneself in a manner that is unique in the essence the label taps into such attributes as comfort, flexibility and a certain nonchalance that is associated with a confident per-son.The Indian accents are an evident detail as are the simple silhouettes. The clothing line consists of dresses , jumpsuits , shorts and skirts embellished with catchy and innovative designs using unusual materials to create the perfect coordinated look. Her label also comprises of clutches, bags and watches.