The ‘Amoh’ by its definition is the purest form of  being i.e  it is our ideal state of mind. The collections depict a sense of serenity, which is free flowing and carefree. They show feminine silhouettes that merge with simple yet sophisticated workmanship which give an aura of soulfulness & classic charm. The AMOH line is a confluence of creative designs infused with freshness and a bit of mystery in every design. The pieces are wearable and comfortable, but look distinctly elegant at the same time. Check it out at

JADE’s creative directors Monica & Karishma’s signature style of sartorial elegance remains intact with 'Amoh'.

Luxurious embellishments on  fabrics,  used on  bridal/ couture collection, has been aesthetically traded with intricate patterns, delicate embellishments and classic prints.The luxury clothing line is infused with a burst of pastels and muted hues that are urban and trendsetting. The silhouettes give an aura of soulfulness & classic charm. Just like purity in the human’s soul, a mother’s love, and in the caress and warmth of nature, the ensembles in this label give godliness and lucidity through its organic covering.